About Absolute Mortgage Company

At Absolute Mortgage Company, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a hardworking team comprised of some of the best professionals in the mortgage business strives to offer loans to individuals at the lowest prices in the United States. Basing its business model on the premise that it can compete best on low interest rates and fees, the company operates in 24 states under the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System identification number 1103. Absolute Mortgage Company maintains affiliations with several industry groups, including the Pennsylvania Association of Mortgage Brokers, and in the 13 years since it was founded, it has handled more than $8 billion in loans as either lender or broker.

Absolute Mortgage Company specializes in handling loans through the Federal Housing Administration and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The company also prides itself on providing custom loan terms and repayment periods of eight to 30 years in length. On the business’s website, AbsoluteMortgageCo.com, potential borrowers can research current rates for fixed and adjustable rate loans, get instant quotes on refinancing and new home loans, or sign up to hear from the company if its rates drop. Clients can also learn about loan processing requirements and contact the company directly.

To keep up with its growth and make room for more, the business will soon move into a new, larger facility. It will also pursue affiliate relationships with insurance and wealth management firm Absolute Wealth Solutions and title insurance company Absolute Settlement Services. Absolute Mortgage Company already closes 300 to 500 loans monthly, and its plans for the future include expanding the number of states in which it operates and helping its affiliates take their businesses nationwide.


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